Please allow me to introduce myself. My Name is Paul Chaisson, and I have been Designing homes throughout the area for many years. I have and always will take lots of pride in being one of the most passionate, easy going, friendly, approachable people you will ever meet. I have had a passion for Interior Design since the very early age of 5. I woke one day and literally started rearranging the furniture and decorative accessories throughout the house. At first, this was quite alarming to my Mom. After a while, I think she actually caught on that there was something different, perhaps special and unique about her son.

A few years later, I started to approach my craft on a professional scale and I decided to pursue a career in Design. My goal and focus would be to provide a service unlike any other that was available within the industry. It would be for me to initiate a more hands on approach. One where passion would fuel each project and never an ego. A service that all could afford. A service where quality, form & function supersede price tags and labels. A service that would stem from personalization and one a bit less "cookie-cutter".

I reach for each task with care, excitement and treasure the trust instilled in me. I would be honored if you would allow me to assist and guide you through this process. For some, this can be quite an overwhelming adventure. In some cases, it can actually get in the way of progress. Let me ease that burden, I will carry the stress of it all for you, and with ease. The selections process can be daunting. However, I promise to turn it around and make this fun. After all, this may or may not be your last time doing it. No matter the size of your budget or the scale of your project, I am confident that I can handle it, not cocky. I will work vigorously on your behalf to ensure that quality is never compromised. If you choose, I can provide a skilled team of craftsman, or can work side by side with yours.

If you are tired and fed up with the way things are around your home or office, and you can't seem to figure out where to begin or which road to go down, then call me! I can help... In no time at all, you too can "Love Where You Live." To have a better tomorrow, Design it today! When you can, call me to discuss how your initial consultation works, what is included and how this process can begin. Because, truly there is no place like home! I promise you'll be glad you did...

I look forward to your call.
Be Well,

Design Services

Paul Chaisson Interior Design is a full service Interior Design Firm, that primarily focuses on Residential Interior Design, however we are also available to meet with and discuss your commercial space as well.

My mission has always been to approach projects with a more personalized vision.

I have always been quite committed to designing spaces that are a true reflection of the clients that are living in them.

For over 25 years, I've been transforming houses into homes. I absolutely love what I do and that the passion I have for Design is witnessed in every project we are blessed to work on.

Whether it be a color palette, or a full scale remodel, I am convinced I will be able to create a space that's well tailored and customized. One that's a reflection of you and that surpasses your expectations.

Design is a Process

Initial Design Consultation:

It all begins with a consultation. Once you're ready, give Paul Chaisson a call! The consult consists of meeting and viewing your property. The meeting gives clients an opportunity to discuss interests, likes and dislikes, ideas and suggestions, wants and needs, form and function, scope and budget.

Retention & Commencement of Project:

After meeting with and discussing goals and scope, time frames and budget. I would begin the selections process. On your behalf I would begin to gather and personalize everything needed in order to complete the space. Fabrics, wall coverings, carpet and flooring, lighting options and furnishings along with your personalized color palette, would all be chosen.


This is where the fun begins! The presentation of selected items is amazing. Being able to touch and feel fabrics and other key elements really helps clients to visualize how their space will feel and come together.


Upon approval, we will begin ordering and securing products for your project. I will diligently work at keeping your project advancing smoothly and without disruption and or delay. Regularly scheduled site visits are made to answer any questions from either clients or contractors.

Install & Accessories:

Once the painting, wall paper hanging and construction portion of your project is completed, we will schedule the install. During the install, I am personally there to ensure everything is arriving as planned and without any setbacks. I will also personally install and hang all the custom window treatments, artwork and place all decorative accessories. Oh, and I absolutely love making beds. If a master bedroom or any other bedroom is being remodeled, I will be dressing the bed as well!